Mattresses and bedding accessories

Mattresses and bedding accessories

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We have an extensive range of mattresses with different materials (foam, latex, viscoeslastic), sprung mattresses, topper, upholstered  bed bases, box springs, wooden slat bed frames, electric beds of all sizes and prices … Discover the last innovations to get a better rest.

New concepts, new materials and new technologies.

The high-end mattresses have evolved towards new concepts. They are made of high quality materials and include the latest in technology rest requirements.

These rest systems consist of two or more elements, the base that incorporate the last technologies and the Topping, which has different comfort and firmness levels. This enables you to get a personalized rest system, even with independent beds.

In Muebles Gavira in Casares Costa, in our mattress department you will find numerous models and manufacturers and experienced advisers that will help you to find the best mattress for your rest.